Estate Planning

According to a survey by Harris Interactive, 55% of Americans pass without a will or any other form of an estate plan. 1.3% of these Americans are estimated to have a wealth of $1 million or more. Out of the 2.5 million people who die each year, 40,000 wealthy people will leave their assets to the State for distribution. Because of this, an estimated $40 billion dollars in assets will pass through the State’s control and approximately $18 billion in estate and death taxes will be paid.

Do you like being an involuntary philanthropist?

Planning for your Estate can be somewhat complex. Knowing about all the intricate little details about how the Estate Tax works is time consuming. Having an experienced team of advisors on your side of this field is an important arrow in your quiver. Your team of advisors already know exactly how the Estate Tax system works and how to plan for it.


The above flowchart gives just one example of our many different solutions in avoiding estate taxes. We are consistently developing new and creative strategies similar to this, but with different complexity levels as well as answers to different goals.

Each Flowchart is customized to fit each individual client and their objectives in a fitting and personal matter. We know that a plan can be complex, so we take the time to educate our clients on all of the proposed strategies. We make sure you leave our office knowing exactly why we chose a particular path instead of another, how everything works, and all your and your professionals questions about each plan presented.