Incorporation Services

Why Should You Consider Incorporating? Corporations and LLC’s are both separate legal entities (business structures) that enjoy certain protections under the law as well as other benefits. Most people form a legal business structure to safeguard their personal assets. Forming a legal business structure can also provide tax advantages. Some entities provide their employees with rich, tax-free fringe benefits. Others allow a business owner to provide him (or herself) and his (or her family) with tax-free benefits such as healthcare, life insurance, and housing.

We can assist you in choosing the business structure that best meets your individual needs and goals. Contact us for more information. Regardless of their size, all businesses can benefit from incorporating. Advantages of forming a corporation or Limited Liability Company (LLC) include:

  • Personal asset protection
  • Additional credibility
  • Name protection
  • Perpetual existence
  • Tax flexibility
  • Deductible expenses